Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where is the justice?

Eight Police Officers Fire 103 Times At Two Unarmed Women Delivering Newspapers . . . Commission Rejects Calls For Any Officer To Be Fired Or Even Suspended

Let’s recap what these officers did and will now only be required to take a little more training. Police were searching for Dorner. Two women happened by the police delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. (Dorner was driving a charcoal Nissan Titan pickup truck). Without clear identification and without any appearance of a weapon, the police fired 103 times at the truck. 

A Commission has now completed its investigation of the officers and found that the officers were not a serious fault in trying to kill two innocent unarmed women and unleashing a wall of lead on a vehicle.

So, it is perfectly legal for the police to fire repeatedly at completely innocent and unarmed citizens for no justifiable reason.

I am not sure which is worst. That all eight officers don't even get a slap on the wrist or the fact that they fired 103 times and managed to hit one person, once.

These are the "highly trained professionals" that are to be trusted with guns over me? Really? Oh, and look, the commission found that they did nothing wrong. 103 bullets at innocent people and they did nothing wrong. As others have noted, if a citizen pulls a gun on a cop, even when the cop does not announce themselves, WATCH OUT but they can shoot at citizens with impunity.

So what that they were in an intense situation, that is their job! They voluntarily put themselves into harms way for the privilege of wearing that badge. They are trained to deal with intense situations. This is inexcusable. They should not only be fired but likely brought up on charges for attempted murder.

What a country...

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