Thursday, February 20, 2014

If the Founders of Feminism Could See it Now...

Take this feminism test at this link. It is 5 samples of feminism at work today, one of which is a made up story. See if you can tell which one. It won't take long, I will wait...

I believe that the real leaders in the original feminist movement would be appalled at where their movement is today. What started out as a struggle for fair and equal treatment and to be given the opportunity to try for a thing, not an unequal leg up or hand-out but the honest and fair opportunity to earn "it" ("it" being what ever a woman wanted to try that was at one time not available to her because she was a woman) has morphed into this thing that is demonstrated by the examples at the above link is disgusting.

This week, at the winter Olympic games, women are competing in ice hockey, at the ski jump and other sports that just a few years ago they were barred from. Things like those, allowing women the opportunity to try to anything, to earn their right to be anything, is what Feminism was about. Today it is more and more a group of perpetually aggrieved, delicate little hot house flowers that read slights into every action and event for the purpose of gnashing their teeth and crying "poor me".

I am not sure which is worst, the fact that these women get any attention at all for these rants or that this "philosophy" is actively promoted in higher education and that students go into debt to be subjected to this warped thinking.

Shameful and disgusting.

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