Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulate this...

Yet again the government wants to DO SOMETHING regardless of whether that something is good, bad or indifferent. There is absolutely NO way that any member of congress has read this bill and understands what is in it. I would suggest that as long as they got theirs, they do not really care what is in it. This Stimulus package was never really about stimulating the economy, that was just a convenient cover. If it really was about stimulating the economy and trying to make things better, it would have been cheaper, more efficient and more productive (not that I approve of this either) to just give every adult $10K to spend as they see fit. Some would pay down their debt (a good thing for credit), some would save it (a good thing for banks) and some would spend it (a good thing for businesses). The only people not "enriched" by this more simpler plan is politicians and those that they owe favors to.

P.S. And how in the wide, wide world of sports does giving money to ACORN help the economy? It does not, it is just more payback.

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