Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama and Biden

That Obama still has a chance of winning after picking such an insensitive running mate just goes to show you how far America has to go come in overcoming its legacy of racism.
I will go out on a limb and correct(?) James Taranto here. I do believe this is what he meant.

That is quite a telling remark and one I happen to agree with. Based not on racism but on his history and policies, I find it remarkable that Obama has made it this far. This year's set of candidates are both shifted to the left. Obama very left and McCain barely right of center. I think this is a result of the Bush years and though I don't agree with the shift, I can at least understand it. I can not understand why Obama would pick Biden. It is almost as though he expects to loose and wants to make sure he goes down in flames. Biden can not speak for 5 minutes (he certainly can't speak for just 5 minutes) without sticking his foot in his mouth. He is an example of someone in office because the private sector would not have him. For Obama who was running as "a breath of fresh air in Washington" to pick Biden, the consummate insider is unbelievable. He would have been better served to pick Hillery (not that she necessarily would have accepted). When Obama loses, all of the pundits will yell "See America is still racist!" instead of pointing out that the Democratic party made a poor choice who then went on to make another poor choice.

I am not real happy with McCain but he an't Obama. He at least want to protect America first, second and third. I view Obama as another Jimmy Carter and don't feel that the country can take another one of those right now.

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