Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More stupidity from the network nightly news

ABC did another story on the “wage gap” tonight. I know, I don’t watch the news but my wife does and I did not have much choice but to sit through it tonight. The stupid report of the night was that some organization is now reporting the women continue to make less than men because of discrimination. The report “said” that but of coarse it did not offer any proof. Instead the report stated that having a child costs a woman about 7% in salary, per child. The report also claimed that part of the reason that women right out of collage do not earn as much money as men in the same situation is due to women not negotiating whereas men often do.

I do not understand how either of these items are based on discrimination nor do I understand how, if a company really can hire a woman for 8% of what they have to pay a man for the same work, why any businesses would hire men at all? A company could immediately cut 8 or more percent from their payroll, reducing their operating expenses and be able to reduce their prices and increasing their market share. If this were true, you would see businesses doing it. Even women owned businesses are not primarily to fully women staffed. Why, if everything else is equal but the pay is less for women? It just does not make any sense to say women make less due to discrimination.

I guess it is my own fault, expecting the nightly news to bother trying to make sense.

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