Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tribute given

It is an important and telling insight to see how one treats their foes both while they are alive and after they are dead. It tells a lot about the character of a person. Take for example the recent passing of Molly Ivens. This is what Kathleen Parker had to say “She was funny, irreverent and smart. It didn't matter that she was often wrong, in my view. What mattered was that she was good.” How often do you hear someone of the left speak that way about someone on the right, alive or departed? I was once told that “a conservative hates the message but a liberal hates the messenger” and that often seems to be the case from my vantage point. Conservatives often refer to what someone said, that they disagree with and will argue the point whereas a lot of the liberals that I have tried to have discussions with seem to take a different point of view as a personal slight and as a personal attack and as such, return in kind. This also seems to be a fairly recent change. I can still remember having heated discussions with others on topics ranging from the death penalty, minimum wage, government powers verses state powers and even religion over beers and still being friends that just don’t always agree. Now a days it seems most of the liberals I know don’t want to discuss things as much as agree on things and if you don’t agree, there is no longer any respect. As with Molly Ivens, that too will be missed.

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