Sunday, February 4, 2007

Blogger upgrade

Well, after being anode invited for weeks by Blooger to upgrade to a version I did not want or need care for and setup a Google account I also did not want or need care for, I was forced into upgrading convinced to upgrade today. This is quite the coincidence as I was just reading yesterday about another blogger, maybe you have heard of her, Ann Alterhouse, who was having a nightmare difficulties with the new upgrade as well. Well after about 6 hours, my poort little blog has been upgraded and I can post again.

I really don’t appreciate having an upgrade jammed down my throat that requires I set up additional accounts and accept additional services that I don’t want. What is happening to Google? Are they turning into Microsoft? Is their vision the only truth for all of us? I greatly appreciate being offered additional options and services but I don’t appreciate it being pushed at me at the point of a sword.

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