Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is the CFC solution worst than the problem?

I have just got to laugh at this sort of thing. This really is "ironic".

Once again, in their rush to "fix a problem", it seems that the environmentalists have only managed to make it worse. Cause, well everyone just "knows" that there is a global warming problem and has been for years. Everyone who is anyone. From Green Peace to Al Gore. So we must "do something" and fix it NOW. Why waste any more time with silly things like studying the problem to see if there really is one and evaluating options for fixing it when it is just so much easier to jump to conclusions and rush into action. Cause at least that way you are "doing something" and in this "feelings" over "facts" era we currently live in, regardless of outcome, you can at least say you tried to do something.

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