Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Howard Dean, a laugh a minute...

I can not help but wonder if Howard Dean would have make this remark if it was more widely known that the target of his joke was a career Democratic civil servant. I’m thinking not. I also wonder if he would have said it if a Democrat was president. Again, I’m thinking not.

I am not commenting on the target of this joke. That individual is indefensible. I am just pointing out the obvious politicizing of an issue for pure, cheap partisan politics from someone whose primary job these past months consisted of repeatedly and angrily inserting his foot into his mouth. That the democrats elected and continue to support this man as the head of their party is truly sad.

You do your best, fight your hardest and push yourself the most when you are up against a worthy opponent. This holds true in politics as well in life. How can the Republican Party possibly stay in fighting trim with the current Democratic Party as their only opponent? No wonder the current congress is such a mess. No competition.

Update: 4/20/06:
I stand corrected, it would appear that Brian Doyle is not a career Democratic civil servant after all.

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