Monday, December 12, 2016

Dual realities

It seems that more and more we are living in a twilight zone episode where half of the country lives in one reality and the other half lives in another, all the while being able to see and interact with each other.

Exhibit A: Make no mistake, Trump’s cabinet appointees embody the most rabid possible opposition to policies and positions of President Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. A unifier Mr. Trump is not.

In this reality, President Obama was and is the savior of the country (and the planet) and Hillary was his expected proper and correct successor to carry on that great legacy. In this reality Obamacare is not a disaster. ISIS is a JV team on the run, the Government did not attack the producer of a video and throw him in jail to help cover up the Government's culpability in the deaths of four Americans at a US embassy by terrorists. The DOE did not throw higher education into complete disarray over a bogus statistic that 1 in 4 women in college get raped. The EPA did not pollute the drinking water of dozens of communities by releasing mine toxic run-off into a river. Nor did the Government attack and alienate half of the population of the United States by calling them racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and Islamophobic.

Nope. In this reality (dare I say a community based reality) all is good. The unemployment rate is under 4% and not the 10+% that the rest of us see. The economy is BOOMING and is not the stagflation that the rest of us see. Needless black lives are lost at the hands of a racist police versus police related fatalities being not only at their lowest levels in dozens of years but that (in actuality) more whites are shot by police than blacks as is shown by actual FBI and Government crime statistics.

In this community based reality, Trump is a homophobic racist and all of his supporters are a "bag of deplorable". They also cling to their guns and religion, or so I was told by the worlds greatest orator. In this view of reality, Obama was NEVER a divider, the Democrats in Congress never rammed through the largest overhaul of healthcare using procedural shenanigans and on a pure party line vote. When half the country supports the Democrats and they win, the Republicans are the dividers. When half the country supports the Republicans and they win, the Republicans are the dividers. See how that works?. The left is all about protecting everyone from hate speech and they never use divisive rhetoric, all is unicorns and cupcakes.

Exhibit B: 6 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is The Best Presidential Candidate Ever

There are actually a LOT of people that see this as reality. That Hillary Clinton was not only eminently qualified to be President but was the absolutely BEST qualified EVER! Mandatory CAPS and exclamation point. To disagree is to prove one's self a misogynist of the highest order. In this alternate reality the 30+ years of scandals just does not exist. Hillary did not webonize the IRS to go after her opponents. She never covered for Bill's various bimbo eruptions, because there were none. The White House was not looted of US treasure by Hillary and Bill. Hillary never used the FBI to investigate her enemies. She never firing everyone in the White House travel office as political payback to donors. Hillary absolutely never ever kept a private, unsecured email server on which she conducted Government business for the proposes of soliciting and collecting bribes for her foundation from foreign governments and individual.

Exhibit C: Man made global warming is not only very real but is also a very imminent threat to the world

Let us ignore for a moment that the entire global warming "issue" has been completely called into question by the release of the Mann emails that show there was a concerted and deliberate effort to silence and discredit dissenters as well as "massage" the data to get the outcome they wanted. Let us ignore for a moment that the climate models used to "show" how bad things will be in a dozen years can't even accurately and reliably predict what the weather will be in 60 or even 30 days. Let us simply look at those that are pushing man made global warming the most, say Al Gore. Does this "champion" of AGW live a pious life or does he instead live in a massive and energy hungry McMansion? If you answered B, you would be right! Though he has made some changes to improve the home's efficiency, he also recently purchased another home, a $8.875 million ocean view villa in Montecito, Calif. with a less than stellar energy record of its own. If the "greatest living protector of the planet" does not care enough about global warming to live in a energy efficient, 1600 square foot home, give up flying private jets all over the world, and get a Prius, why should anyone take it seriously?

I could go on but I think you can see where I am going with this. It indeed seems at times that we as a country are living in two distinct but overlapping realities, one of which looks to be drifting away from actual reality at a faster and faster pace. This will not end well...

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