Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Voter fraud example #23

Hot off of the presses "Alabama court upholds conviction of woman guilty of voter fraud" except this HAS to be a lie as we are constantly told by the media, by Democrats, and numinous liberal organizations that "voter fraud" is a myth made up by those evil republicans to suppress the votes of all of those poor minority voters that just can figure out how to get a valid state ID card.

Let us ignore for a moment that without proper ID you can not:

  • purchase beer
  • purchase alcohol
  • purchase cigarettes
  • enter the DNC convention
  • apply for food stamps
  • apply for welfare
  • purchase a cell phone
  • pick up a prescription
  • enter most government buildings
  • pay for something with a check
  • open a bank account
  • travel by air
  • get an SS card
  • get a copy of your birth certificate
  • in some places, you can't stay in a homeless shelter
but apparently getting one is SO hard, you should not need one to vote...

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