Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump is NOT the problem...

Let me get this out of the way; I am not a huge Trump fan. He is not my first choice. He is not my second or even third choice. He might be a slightly better choice than your average Democratic politician. That said...

Trump is NOT the problem. He is just the most recent symptom of what ails the GOP. The Tea Party was the largest prior symptom and instead of addressing that group's very legitimate concerns about what had happened to the GOP and what its' "management" was doing, the GOP decided to double-down and do all that they could to marginalize and vilify that group and its concerns and goals.

The response to that willful disregard to legitimate concerns is what has enabled Trump to be. To further demonstrate how out of touch and how counter to the principles of the GOP the current members are, we have this latest of dust-ups.

Sanders supporters crashed a Trump event and cause such a ruckus that Trump decides to cancel. This is lauded by the left and right as a good thing. That a bunch of thugs stomp over someone's first amendment rights, stifle his right to speak, prevent the peaceable assembly of his supporters and cause his legal event to be cancelled. That this is labeled a "good thing" by both the left and the right AND Trump is further blamed for it a) is an appalling shame, b) runs counter to conservative principles, and c) shows how unfit ANY of the remaining GOP candidates are to lead the party.

I fully expect this sort of childish behavior from Democrats. They have time and again shown that they support free speech only when it is their speech. Anyone that has an alternate view can go pound sand. Their support for constitutional rights is tissue paper thin. I did NOT expect this sort of behavior from the right. WE all should stand up for ANYONE's right to say what they wish, whether you approve of what they are saying or NOT. Non negotiable! You either support the people's rights as granted by our creator or you don't. The GOP candidates SHOULD have rallied behind Trump and stood shoulder to shoulder with him in support if his and everyone's right to be heard.

The crybullies can not and should not ever win! The only acceptable answer to ideas or speech you do not support is more speech. Not shouting down and shutting up your opponents.

I am extremely disappointed in all of the GOP and especially the candidates for not standing up for what are supposed to be their core principles.

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