Thursday, January 14, 2016

Obama's last SOTU

So, to summarize the most recent SOTU by President Obama all of the "pressing" problems of this country boil down to curing cancer. Everything else is secondary. Everyone is better off today than they were when he took office some 7 years ago. There is no [stoked by him and his administration] racial issues (to speak of), there is no [created by his idiotic policies] significant unemployment issues, no crime, budget deficits, health care, or security issues. The single most important issue left to tackle is curing cancer. This is so critical that he is throwing the full weight of the government at solving this problem [on par with putting a man on the moon - so he says] and he is so committed to getting this done that he has drafted the singular best mind within his administration to lead this heroic and herculean effort, Joe Biden. Yep. Slow Joe (the groper) Biden is in charge of the most important mission of this [and any] decade.

Wow, just wow.

As I am sure you have read from others, going to the moon was a engineering issue that was helped by money. We knew what to do and basically how to do it. We just needed enough money to get it done. Not to in any way belittle the effort as it was a fantastic effort for which a number of individuals paid for with their lives. Incredible things were done, discovered, created, and invented BUT the science behind it all was pretty well understood, We needed to learn how to implement the science. Not "discover" the science.

That is not this. That is not anywhere close to curing cancer. To start with there is no one cancer. There is no one cause for cancer and there is no one way that cancers happen. There are multiple gene mutations involved in each different type of cancer and we are still in the early stages of figuring out all of the genes with mutations that are involved.

Additionally, this is not like that because though "many of us" wanted to go to the moon, it was not [at its core] a business proposition but a national pride and discovery issue. No businesses were lining up to throw buckets of money at getting to the moon (then). Lots of good tech resulted from this drive to get there and many could and would argue (myself included) that all in all it was worth it and "a very good thing" but at that time it was not something that private businesses were clamoring to do. Cancer research and searching for a cure (and/or effective treatments) is something that many businesses and research units (higher Ed, etc.) are already currently and actively engaged in. In fact these groups are making discoveries every day. They are also producing treatments and new drugs and gene therapies now as well. There is a huge monetary incentive for private enterprises to get into this field and produce solutions AND make profits. There is no actual reason for government to start taking over this area and (let us be honest) meddle in it to a greater degree than it already does through the various medical and drug agencies that already oversee much of what takes place within this field.

That is unless the real reason for this "big push" into an area that is already full of big pushes (more of that great "lead from behind" leadership style that we have become accustomed to from President Three-putt) is not to focus attention and action on an important area of medical research but instead to a) focus attention away from all of the scandals and failures of this administration and b) to keep Joe in the news in a positive way such that he can be "pushed" into stepping into the presidential race if Hillary is forced to drop out.

Even most Democrats (excluding the truly insane ones) will admit that Hillary is a soiled brand. Too many of her recent failures won't go away and whenever she [and her MSM water carries] go to the standard Democrat play-book ("war on women" anyone) Trump points out how awful her and her husband have been to women throughout their careers, sucking all of the wind out of those sails. The only thing that scares the Democrats more than a Hillary win is a Sanders win. Most of the "main stream" Democrats (I know, I know) are scared out of their knickers by a possible Sanders win. Even they point and whisper "that one is REALLY crazy". So, if and when Hillary implodes, old Slow (grabby) Joe will be wheeled out to save the day. The funny thing is, compared to the two currently in the race, Joe actually looks sane BUT that is because the administration [and their friends in the MSM] have done a reasonable job of keeping all of the crazy out of the papers. Maybe they are hoping that if they pull this switch-a-ro late enough in the process, the Republicans will be caught off guard and unable to move quick enough to inform the public of the real Joe Biden. The touchy-feely, foot-in-mouth, ignorant of just too many things, says too many just-plain-dumb things Joe Biden.

We shall see.

P.S. Don't you just love how whenever anything (even those things we can see from miles away) goes wrong with an Obama policy, it is our fault? We just didn't understand. If he does not get his way it is not because his policies and ideas are idiotic, it is that we are too stupid to understand and if he were just a better communicator, we would "get it" and let him have his way. Between that and all those bad things that just keep happening to him, it is a wonder he has bothered to put up with us for so long. Also, for a person with a law degree and who taught courses in constitutional law at the University of Chicago, he does not seem to know very much about how the constitution works or what the President can and can not do based on the constitution.

P.P.S. Don't you think she (Hillary) looks tired?

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