Friday, October 23, 2015

IRS and Lerner

In a letter to members of Congress, the Justice Department said that while investigators had found "mismanagement, poor judgment and institutional inertia," there was no evidence of a crime.

"We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution," the letter stated.

Apparently, in the Obama America, you have to attack [or imply an attack] against liberal groups or minority groups. Does anyone think for one second that if 99% of the groups singled out for extra scrutiny were liberal groups or were minority groups, heads would not roll?

The lawless left just keeps pushing that line. Keep showing America that law no longer matters. That right versus wrong no longer matters. That everything is gray, no more clear bright line you do not cross - as long as you get the ends you want. Well, the left better hope that those on the right don't learn this lesson the left is so intent on teaching. The left is far less prepared to operate in a lawless world than those on the right. The left likes to yell and scream about the police state, not realizing that is all that is keeping the wolves at bay. When the common citizen decides that civility is gone, that law is gone, that justice is gone, that is when the lights go out and there are many, many on the right that have been planning for just such a thing and as a result are far better prepared than the OWS generation and their water carriers on the left...

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