Saturday, September 5, 2015

Simplified version of Hillary email apology

"Sorry you are too stupid to understand that what I did was not wrong."

This is basically what she said. She did not admit that what she did was wrong [and it was SO wrong], she apologized that it was so "confusing" for us mere rubes to understand.

She mishandled classified information. She mixed personal correspondence and government correspondence on an unsecure, privately controlled server. Someone within her circle removed classified designations from emails that were on her server. Someone within her circle moved emails from the Government's classified network to her server. She had correspondence between herself and the dignitaries of other governments which would generally make these exchanges classified.

Her excuses? Didn't know, didn't realize, didn't understand, couldn't work more than one device so this had to be done to help her do her job, etc. If she is this intimidated by common technology and this uninformed of basic security policies, what in the world makes anyone think she is competent to be president?

So the reality is, she hopes we are [or at least enough of us are] too stupid or to partisan to care that what she did was incredibly stupid, exposed the Government to enormous data risks, and violated her oath, the rules of her job, and the directives from her President.

And of course, the MSM has not bothered to push back on that non-apology but why should they? They are nothing more than Democrat operatives with bylines...

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