Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What an amazing group of IDIOTS!

What an immense amount of ignorance and naivety! These people have no idea what is in the Iranian agreement because much of it is secret! The latest public facts make it clear that inspectors will have no ability to inspect. If the inspectors can't inspect, how is Iran prevented from developing an atomic bomb? Hint, they aren't!

If you want to see how big the idiocy in Hollywood has become (well actually always was), watch as much of this as you can stand:

I don't know which would be worst; if everyone involved in this video actually believes it or if they actually don't but would prefer Iran with a bomb than America doing what it takes to prevent it. Neither answer is good.

P.S. Oh and that crap at the end about "love their children too". It was crap when Sting did it about Russia and it is crap now about Iran. It is actually worst about Iran. The Russian people did and do love their children but the folks in charge of Russia at that time thought that they had a real chance to best America and as long as they and their own children survived, all is good. In the case of Iran, they actually believe that dying in the service of killing infidels (us) is a "very good thing" and it would actually make them martyrs so using that line in connection with Iran is extra, double stupid and shows how little of the world these clowns actually know.

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