Monday, December 1, 2014

The House Benghazi Report

And what the media has not been telling you...

"The Administration's flawed perception that al-Qa'ida was on the decline contributed to inadequate Diplomatic Security protection in Benghazi. Evidence received by HPSCI largely confirms the findings of other investigations that, prior to the attacks, the State Department did not respond sufficiently to the deteriorating threat environment in eastern Libya. These failures were not due to inadequate reporting by the intelligence community about threats to U.S. and Western interests in Benghazi. The IC provided updates to relevant agencies, including the State Department, on the deteriorating security environment in Benghazi.

First, previous reports state that senior officials at the State Department, including then-Secretary Hillary Clinton, received numerous reports of attacks in and around Benghazi. Those same officials, however, did not approve repeated requests for additional security. We hope that other ongoing investigations, which focus on the State Department, will uncover the responsible officials and hold them accountable for this failure."

So, the State Department (Hillary Clinton) was informed that there were growing concerns and that there were escalating attacks in the area but the official line was and still is that it was all a spontaneous demonstration that just happened to take place on September 11th over some video that was released months before and no one really took any notice of.


P.S. More good stuff here.


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