Monday, September 16, 2013

Police gone wild

Here is yet another incident of police accidentally shooting unarms, uninvolved civilians. This case is even worst than usual because:
  1. The police were within a dozen feet of the person they were wanting to shoot.
  2. They did not actually see a gun (the man was unarmed), they "thought" he was going for a gun.
  3. They fired three shots and missed the intended target with all three shots.
  4. They managed to hit two uninvolved innocent bystanders.
  5. They then decide to Taser the suspect.
We are constantly told by gun-control proponents that citizens should not be allowed to carry guns because they are not trained "like police are". Well, if you review the statistics on un-intended shootings, you will see that concealed weapons holders are far less likely to accidentally shoot innocent civilians than the police are.

If you or I had done this, intended to shoot someone who was unarmed, in the middle of a crowded intersection, missed and hit others with stray bullets, we would be arrested and brought up on charges. Why are these two not?

Also, whenever a citizen uses a gun in self-defense, the news is more than happy to print their full name and if possible, show a picture. Where are the names of these two officers? Doesn't the public have a right to know the names of these two shooters of innocent people? Why are the names of police officers that make on the job mistakes like this shielded? If I were to do something at work that got into the paper, you can bet they would include my name.

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