Friday, August 2, 2013

VirtualBox by Oracle

If you have not heard of VirtualBox by Oracle you are missing out on a "very good" thing. VirtualBox is an Oracle product that allows you to create multiple virtual PCs within your existing system. These can be Windows, Linux, Mac or others. Using this software you can run Windows XP on an Intel Mac. You can run OSX on a Win8 system. You can even run Win95 or 2000 Server on a Win7 system.

I have one Win XP Pro, 2 Win 2000 Server, a OS X 10.8.2 and an Ubuntu all as virtual environments on my Win8 laptop.

The best part is, the software is free. Yep, free!

So, if you like to play with different operating systems but don't want a bunch of hardware or you want to be able to play your old PC games but they won't install on Win8, why not give VirtualBox a try?

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