Thursday, September 16, 2010

An idea who's time has come?

I do not generally like constitutional amendments at either the state or Federal level. I feel that the original documents are "generally" fine and most adjustments should be by law and not by amendment. Most states make it too easy to get amendments on the ballot.

If you don't like what your politicians are doing, elect new ones verses muddling up the Constitution. On the other hand, I believe I am in favor of this specific type of amendment. It does not try to address any specific social or situational ill (like not liking pig farms to name but one example) but instead is geared toward enabling a more representative check on federal powers. Anything that tries to control the beast will always get a second look from me. As the author points out, this is not an absolute limit either, congress is free to re-submit and re-vote the specific law that was overturned by the states. An open-ended check, what is not to like unless you are a member of Congress?

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