Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama fiddles as Gulf burns

"Blame the EPA: Dutch Oil Spill Response Ships Could Suck 99% of Oil From Gulf, But Can't Get Approved, Because EPA Demands 99.9985% Purity"

So for weeks now the Dutch have offered us "super sucker" ships that could get the bulk of the still spewing oil from the Golf but due to EPA regulations, are currently not an option.

After finally relenting and allowing the superior Dutch technology to be used, another road block was thrown in the way: Because the U.S. didn't want Dutch ships working the Gulf, the U.S. airlifted the Dutch equipment to the Gulf and then retrofitted it to U.S. vessels. And rather than have experienced Dutch crews immediately operate the oil-skimming equipment, to appease labour unions the U.S. postponed the clean-up operation to allow U.S. crews to be trained.

Now nice. We are in the very best of hands...

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