Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Parties too successful?

It would appear the that Tea Party movement is getting a little too successful for some people and they are pulling out all of the stops in an attempt to crush this growing "real" grass roots movement to get government under control.

The press first tried to ignore the Tea Parties and when that did not work, they (with help from a lot of Democrat politicians) tried to make fun of them and belittle them by using a derogatory sexual term to describe the participants. That failed too so now they are trying to paint the various groups as racist.

So far that tactic does not appear to be working either so it is time for them (those on the left) to step up their game.

The new plan is to infiltrate the various Tea Party groups and act in various bad ways. Disrupt the events how ever possible. Hold up racist signs. Shout racist comments. Talk the "truther" talk. Whatever they can do, preferably in front of the MSM so as to taint the Tea Party movement as extreme and racist.

Where is the proof that the left are planning to subvert the right to assemble and the right to protest by various groups that they disagree with? Glad you asked. Here is Former Democratic State Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan planning to disrupt the lawful assembly of a group she is opposed to. Here is another individual, Jason Levin who actually launched a web site dedicated to helping those on the left organize to disrupt Tea Party gatherings.

This is the sort of subversive behavior that the left often complains that those on the right are doing, squelching dissent, disrupting the right of the people to protest their government, etc. As history shows (verses the reporting of the MSM) it is in fact the left that leads in doing all that they can to crush opposing views. The left fears actual debate and discussion of various opinions because they are rightly afraid that their views do not stand up to investigation. Their failed and failing policies do not work. It is far easier to shout down your opponents, discredit them and dismiss their ideas than it is to argue that "1 + 1 = 5" which is what they try to do with their various policies and programs. It is a LIE that the current health care plan recently signed into law will do ANYTHING to reduce costs, improve service and expand benefits. Can't happen. Show me any government run agency or service that is more efficient and delivers better service and a lower cost than comparable private sector companies. Can't be done but instead of discussing the actual merits, pros and cons of this health care program, the backers chose instead to lie about what was in the bill, lie about what it would cost and said "you will like it and know what is in it once it passes" when (they hope) it is too late to un-do the damage.

Well more people are more fed up with this current government than ever before and it has a lot on the left worried and scared. So, what to do? Adjust your policies so that they actually could work and could benefit America or attack those who you see as standing in your way? Well we can see what path the left has chosen. I fear that things will get a lot worse before they start getting better.

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