Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, Obamacare looks to very soon, be the law of the land. The Democratic leadership managed to bribe, brow beat and twist enough arms to get this 2000 plus page monstrosity passed. I firmly believe that if it is not repelled, we and our children will suffer as a result if the enacting of this thing.

1) This bill is so massive that even after talking about it for a year or more, there is no single congressman that has read it all and understands it.

2) It is full of special deals, favors and vote buys.

3) I have lost count of the number of promises broken and lies this administration has told about this bill (i.e. it will be available online for at least 3 day before it is voted on). So much for that transparent government thing.

4) As has been noted before here and elsewhere, if real reform were the goal, there are two or three simple things that could have been done to do that. 2000+ pages was not needed. This has never been about health care, it has been about power and control.

I hope that all of the Democrats that voted for this stinking pile learn to regret their betrayal at the next election (a "sorry I did not know what I was voting for cause I did not read it" will NOT cut it).

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