Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joe Biden, his own alternate reality!

"After seven years, in which our senior diplomatic personnel were not allowed to make a single contact with Iranians, the Bush administration realized the absurdity of its own policy and sent our leading diplomat to Iran," he said. "The Assistant Secretary of State as he went to Tehran, sat down at the instruction of the President of the United States." . . .

Trouble is, the event Biden described never actually happened.

In point of fact, the one "meeting" that has taken place was in Geneva, Switzerland, when Under Secretary of State William Burns sat in on a discussion between Iranian representatives and the other "P5+1" political directors involved in nuclear talks. The meeting, while a first, was not a negotiation; Burns was there merely as an observer, and had no formal role or talks with the Iranians.

So, point by point: Burns was not sent to Tehran; he did not go to Tehran; and there was no such instruction from the President.

Does Biden even try to pretend that he has a clue any more or is he so sure that most of the media will cover for him that he need not bother? And this is the guy they want a "heart beat" from the presidency?

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