Friday, June 27, 2008

Guns are a feminist issue

I have to say I agree with Megan on this one and do not understand why NOW does not come down on the side of the 2nd Amendment for the sake of women. This is not a liberal/conservative issue but a self protection issue. On average, a woman will come out on the short-end in a straight up physical fight with a man. On average a man is bigger, stronger, has more upper body strength and is heavier. A handgun is just about the ideal equalizer in a fight and allows for a woman to not only protect her selves but protect her self at a distance. The best way to survive a physical confrontation is to never let it get to that point. Finally, despite what you might have read it the news papers, a person is NOT more likely to be injured or killed with their own firearm.

The fact that NOW is not pro-2nd amendment is just additional evidence that they are not a woman's rights group anymore but just a liberal political group.

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