Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Peace prize winner 'could kill' Bush

When I read stories like this I can not help but feel that these individuals are not very sincere in their beliefs or efforts. Betty Williams is quite willing to talk at lengths on the evils of America and President George Bush (and on how she would not mind him dead) but where was she while Saddam Hussein was imprisoning and killing women and children? Why is she not so outspoken on Hezbollah and Hamas using women and children as human shields? How about the militarization of the children of Palestine? Again no words of reproach on that subject. She seems fairly silent on the issue of North Korea and the multitude of starving children there. Let us not speak of Darfur in Africa either. It is just so much easier and safer to wail against the favorite whipping boy of the left than to attempt an argument of substance against those that actually target women and children with malicious intent.

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