Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thoughts on Myers-Briggs and relationships

I ran across a web site that let you take a Jung - Myers-Briggs type of personality test. Not anything elaborate but interesting none the less. I sent it on, to my wife to take too. Three weeks go by and she had not taken it yet so I remind her and take it again myself, to see if I come out any differently based on the time/attitude difference.

She scored as an ESTJ and I scored as an INTJ. I scored identical numbers on two of the traits and fairly close on the other two so I guess my "score" could be considered accurate within the parameters of the test.

The site also allows you to see a relationship matrix. How one group might relate to another. It seems that ESTJ and INTJ are considered counterparts. This side defines counterparts as perform similar functions in totally different realms.

This got me thinking about compatibility and some of those online sites that promise to find you someone that is compatible (what ever that means). I would be curious to see the results of a test with three groups; group 1 would be people that the site says are ideally suited and compatible, group 2 would be people that the site says are absolutely not compatible and group 3 would be totally randomly selected. Each group would be told that they are ideal matches. I would like to see the results of the percentage of those that work out in each group. I am wondering how the interactions of a couple would be affected if they both thought that they were “ideal matches”. Would that cause them to work harder at making their relationship work? The reasoning being “if I can’t make it work with my idea, what chance do I have with anybody?”

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