Friday, March 10, 2006

The ACLU leaps too far…

The American Civil Liberties Union claimed Wednesday that California's lethal injection method violates the First Amendment rights of execution witnesses by not allowing them to see if the inmate is experiencing pain before death.

The federal lawsuit says the only reason San Quentin State Prison officials inject a paralyzing agent is to sanitize the execution and prevent witnesses from perhaps seeing convulsions.

Sorry but just because a person is involuntarily convulsing does not mean that they are in any pain. Ask an epileptic if their seizures are painful or not. Most if not all will tell you that they do not feel any pain or do not remember (only between 0.3 and 2.8% report some or any discomfort). To make the leap from a person convulsing to that person being in pain is a leap too far. It LOOKS painful to see someone convulse and that is all that the ACLU really cares about. They hope that witnesses will see someone convulse during the execution and ASSUME that they are in pain.

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